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The team comprising of eminent and ace professionals from the energy industry has the sole motto of giving back to the power sector. Their services, association, and support are Pro bono. The team offers successful strategic advisory with smart collaborations and other initiatives based on flexible, adaptive practical views and recommendations that are possible to implement to meet the power utility goals for State governments, Discoms, holding companies of Discoms, SLDCs, and private distribution companies.

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100+ years of practical experience in a capsule
Shri U.K. Verma Ex. Executive Director (NLDC)
Having worked in various capacities at NHPC Ltd., POWERGRID, SRLDC, WRLDC, ERLDC, and NLDC, POSOCO, he has over 37 years of a wide ranging experience in several areas, including grid management, operation and maintenance of hydro power station, substations, installation of EMS and SCADA, and construction of distribution network in hilly terrain in Nepal. A member of IEEE, he also has more than 25 papers published in National Conferences.
Shri V.K. Shrivastava Ex. Executive Director (WRLDC)
Instrumental in the implementation of the Golden Share Concept, the present independent Director in Madhya Pradesh Transmission Corporation has several record contributions to the formulation and implementation of Reserve shut down procedure, Renewable integration, and grid management in surplus situation. Having ensured 100% absorption of Renewable in the entire western region and NIL curtailment from 2017-2020, he also contributed in finalising the basic policy papers of POSOCO and MP Transco.
Shri A. Gartia Ex. Executive Director (SRLDC)
With over 30 years of association with RLDC, POSOCO, he is part of the team that directly implemented various new technologies for the first time in the power sector of India such as DSM, ULDC, WAMS-PMU technology, web based energy scheduling, advanced protection monitoring systems, and many more. He is witness to the development of the power market and identifies all optimization opportunities through proper portfolio management.

Shri U.K. Verma

Ex. Executive Director (NLDC)

Because of intermittent nature of Renewable generation, there is a huge challenge in hand to cope up with such intermittency/variations requiring balancing energy all the time with a view to ensure a secure and reliable electrical grid. Also Indian electrical grid lacks automatic control like FGMO (free governor mode of operation), AGC (automatic generation control) etc. which are primarily required to compensate for loss of generation as well as variation in load to ensure integrity of electrical grid. Action on introducing automatic control has already been initiated and would slowly pick up in future. Presently manual controls are in place to ensure reliable grid operation. Manual control requires knowledge and skill to perform the given task of operating the grid reliably. The skill comes only if the front desk operators who operate the grid undergone adequate training and certified by a designated agency to operate the grid independently. The capacity building at SLDCs is the need of the hour to ensure reliable operation of all India grid.

Shri V.K. Shrivastava

Ex. Executive Director (WRLDC)

The entire Power Sector Chain is at huge distress and the only solution is that the gap between the cost of purchase of power and cost of supply of power has to be bridged. During the latest 5 years, the revenue as percentage of cost was varying between 78% and 81%. This means, the weighted average tariff for all categories of consumers was about 20% lower than the weighted average cost of Supply. For a financial turnaround, smart scheduling coupled with smart Billing is the quickest solution.

Shri A. Gartia

Ex. Executive Director (SRLDC)

Power System in our country is passing through a very fast pace of changes and continue to be so for some time – at least for a decade. This is because of underlying dynamics both from supply side and also consumer sides. Introduction of new products at regulation level would continue whereas the Govt move towards green energy capacity of 450 GWx by 2030 is going to bring a significant impact in all aspect – transmission, grid operation and the portfolio management by DISCOM.

It is both good and bad that majority of controls in power system operations are manual in nature. The good part, we do not have to depend machine to decide what is good rather our own expertise can be utilized. Manual controls in slows time response cases are failsafe and better controllable. The bad part of manual control – when required a fast response like transients and fast grid conditions changes, manual response would be too late. So what is the solution – hybrid approach. All efforts are being made to introduce FGMO, AGC, Ancillary in many ways and many more would be there. The real challenge is the smartness of implementation of available options by the operators at National, regional, state and distribution level.
Past experiences coupled with creative idea would be a key to harness benefit and that is the target of team Practical Views.

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